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Custom Counter: flexibility, freshness and profit

  • More flexibility: smart customizable design that connects all hot and cold food groups
  • More freshness: superior holding conditions
  • More profit: boosts sales, lowest TCO, durable technology
  • Sustainable: energy-saving OmniCold refrigeration system, compatible with all sustainable refrigerants
  • Models: IceCold, FreshCold, Cold, Hot and ColdPrep

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A modular solution tailored to your store

Different store concepts ask for a different look and feel. Different fresh products ask for different ways of presentation and preservation. Customize your counter based on your store concept and your products.


Keep it fresh, and keep it ice cold. Designed for product presentation on crushed ice, the IceCold full serve model provides superior holding conditions under the toughest circumstances. It is the ultimate choice for openly displayed fresh products such as fish and shellfish. Thanks to a mild airflow and chilled ice tubs, the ice lasts all day.

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Your fresh products need to look fresh and stay fresh. The FreshCold full serve model has been designed for presentation of openly displayed fresh food like meat, fish fillets and other raw products.

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Create a true food experience by preparing fresh food products such as sushi, pizza, salads or sandwiches right in front of your customers with the Custom Counter ColdPrep model.

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Your deli products look delicious in our full serve or self serve Cold models. This model has been designed for presentation of wrapped products and openly displayed products that are less prone to dehydration such as cheese, chilled ready-to-eat meals, potato salads and other chilled meal components.

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The Custom Counter Hot full serve model keeps your products warm over time while preventing dehydration, thanks to our hot airflow technology and optional misting. Sell hot food-to-go products, such as wraps, burgers, pastas, pies and other meal components from the Hot self serve model.

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A true sense of freshness

Custom Counter provides a tailor-made, innovative and appetizing food experience that truly enriches your store and boosts your sales. Your deli, meat or fish department will be a clear showpiece with this next generation inline deli counter.


Customize your Custom Counter in terms of size, interior, exterior and technology, before and after installation. Self serve, serve over and preparation modules can be integrated. Various interior configurations are available and different length modules can be combined. Exterior cladding is easy to remove and change to match your store design.


Custom Counter connects all food groups, even hot and cold, under superior holding conditions in a matching line-up. The Custom Counter Hot model is best-in-class and keeps your products at 149°F for > 5 hours, without dehydration. Thanks to our OmniCold refrigeration system, all refrigerated models offer superior holding temperatures and optimized stacking heights. Your products stay fresh thanks to cold air circulation above and below the products.


Boost your sales: attract customers with eye-catching presentation and preparation. Patented UniSquare glass, optional black stainless steel interior and product-specific LED lighting makes your products stand out.

Reduce your costs: Custom Counter also offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. Save on energy consumption with OmniCold refrigeration. Reduce weight loss and extend shelf life with optional refined humidity systems. Enjoy easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to removable interior components and easy-to-open glass windows.

“Your counter the way you want it: modular, easy to scale up, adaptable to your needs.”

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